Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where did these symbols come from? - Read "The Story" and "A Word from the Artist".

2. So, you say that all of the letters of the word or phrase are in the symbol but I don't see some of the letters. -  Admittedly, the letters are not the same "font" as the letters that you are reading now. The artist took liberties in the shape of the letters. For example, in a simple "figure eight" or an infinity symbol, there are the letters "c", "o", "s" and "u". So if the word or phrase has all of these letters, then the use of the "eight" would be used for all of them; may be...

3. What is Alchemy? - There is tons of information on alchemy on the net here is one source;  (this link will open a new browser window)

4. How many symbols are there? - Currently there are 111 symbols (including the 12 'new' astrological symbols).  See the book of symbols "Alchemy Style, The Symbols of A House of Alchemy" Here

5. How do I know that these symbols are not of bad intent? - Most of the symbols are of a high vibration such as love, compassion, faith etc. Also the intention of the artist was to better himself by increasing the quality of his attention on the "positive" aspects of our human nature. Read "A Word..."



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