According to Merriam-Webster, phi-lan-thro-py  1 : goodwill to fellowmen, especially: active effort to promote human welfare.  

From the day we decided to take this work and create a business, the process has challenged our faith, our purpose and our resolve.  We continue forward because of the inherent philanthropic nature of Rodrics' work. 

  In the spirit of philanthropy, we invite others to participate in the proliferation of this work, here's how:

  • If you are an artist, of any kind, and can use the symbols in your work, please call or write us.
  • Commission a symbol or group of symbols for a special event. call or write us
  • If you are in the position to use the symbols for a good cause call us or write us
  • If you are in a financial position to help share this work and you are looking for a small business investment call or write us.
  • Use us for your organizations Fund Raising call or write us.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank You.


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