I was born in Los Angeles California; 1961. The first symbol appeared when I was 18, while I held a job that was torturous for a young energetic athlete. I sat in a cubicle for eight hours, working as a Telephone Repair Operator. It was painful to say the least. I would do anything to make it through my shift. When I answered a call, I would imitate different voices and dialects just to entertain myself. When "the man" caught me goofing off or I knew "they" were listening, I would pass the time doodling while I roboticly answered the phone.  If you read "The Story" on the previous page, you know that my last name was the first symbol that came through. I remember taking the drawings home and showing my father. He saw my drawings, as only a graphic artist would, and showed me what I had created. We put the symbol on everything, it became the family crest and my 2nd tatt. I have always had a fascination with symbols. As a child I would wonder how the people of different cultures communicated using their symbols, not realizing that the English alphabet is a set of symbols. I continued to further my knowledge and insight in the study of symbols. However, it was years after the first symbol that I began to create others with the intention that they would aid in the quality of my attention on a particular aspect of my personality and character. I soon learned, from others, that as the quality of our attention, on anything, grows (Law of Attraction) so does that thing grow in our experience.  I created these symbols as a means of increasing the quality of my attention on certain aspects of my human nature so that they would improve in me. Shifting my attention to the positive aspects of my nature would weaken, and even destroy, the negative forces that seemed to have had a hold on my life. I will continue to co-create symbols as they come to me, and use them to enhance the quality of my attention for the sole purpose of self improvement.


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